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ieronimus asked: The next time someone complains to you about Fascism on Tumblr, explain to them that Tumblr is owned by Yahoo! Inc., a company that's cooperated with the Chinese government in censoring search results and been accused by human rights activists of aiding Chinese authorities in the arrests of dissidents. Tell them to appreciate the irony that their Social Justice blogs are generating traffic and revenue for a company that supports an authoritarian government. Then tell them to fuck off.

thank you.

Anonymous asked: hey ignore that other anon and fuck me

only if you aren’t a man, a woman or a trans person because, y’know, as a fascist, i’m a homophobe, a misogynist and a transphobe

Anonymous asked: start destroying the patriarchy by educating yourself then educating others! as you are male, use your status to educate other men in male-only spaces! but don't speak over women and also check your privilege.

my privilege won’t fit in your mouth m8

Anonymous asked: you support authoritarianism if you're sexist/homophobic/racist/transphobic etc. and if you support militarism


Anonymous asked: I mean being transphobic, homophobic, sexist and racist doesn't make you a fascist but if someone is extremely transphobic/homophobic/sexist/racist and posts pictures of people doing Nazi salutes AND is a 'nationalist,' chances are they're a fascist because fascists are bigots

so am i a nationalist, a nazi, or a fascist?

Anonymous asked: bigotry/hatred against trans people and women generally goes hand in hand with fascism, because fascism is a very masculine, patriarchal system.

wow now i really want to smash the patriarchy

Anonymous asked: As a basic defintion: fascism is a populist, ultra-nationalistic, militaristic and extremely authoritarian system, which is generally centre to right wing.

sounds great, not really a fan of authoritarianism though. do you have any other cool options?


Hong Song-dan, Refusal to return the weapons, 1985.


Hong Song-dan, Refusal to return the weapons, 1985.

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Anonymous asked: riot girl is generally garbage because it's white feminist and trans exclusionary and generally sounds awful but music taste definitely reflects political views a lot of the time, and people who listen to death in june are at least attracted to fascist aesthetics even if they're not fascists themselves.

define fascism, then we can talk

Anonymous asked: okay just because douglas pierce is gay, doesn't mean he can't be a Nazi, or are you going to say Ernst Roehm (whom he was primarily influenced by) wasn't a Nazi? and if you're a 'nationalist,' you reblog photos of people doing Nazi salutes, and if you're as racist, homophobic, sexist and transphobic as you seem to be from your blog, i'm pretty sure you qualify as a fascist.

transphobia and sexism are of course the cornerstones of fascist ideology

as d’annunzio said, CISHET O MORTE

get off anon mate, let’s chat

Anonymous asked: and also I doubt an anti-feminist is going to be listening to riot grrrl?

yes, because riot grrrl is garbage

Anonymous asked: okay well if you listen to death in june you're openly supporting fascists and giving your money to fascists, so if someone listens to death in june they are either a fascist or not explicitly an anti-fascist.

welllllll i guess you could say i’m not explicitly an anti-fascist

24/09/2014 00:25

still giggling at “thank you based ISD”